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Week 2 Continued:

Week 2, continued
Casting. Imprecision. Switches. Scope. Strings. Arrays. Cryptography.

Partial Tyroidectomy Monica's Experience Continued Week #2
The second week results of a patient named Monica after a partial thyroidectomy.

Week 2, continued
David touches on some more details about C, starts looking at strings in memory, and arrays.

CS50 2012 / Week 2, continued
Functions, continued. Global variables. Parameters. Return values. Stack. Frames. Scope. Arrays. Strings. Command-line arguments. Cryptography.

CS50 2016 - Week 2 - Arrays
TOC 00:00:00 - Week 1 in Review 00:04:33 - Debugging 00:05:05 - buggy0 00:09:12 - buggy1 00:12:49 - buggy2 00:18:11 - buggy3 00:22:19 - debug50 00:29:04 - Rubber-Duck Debugging 00:31:46 -...

Dragonball Fighterz: Cell Games week 2 Continued. Party matches after

D2 World Record Week #2 Continued - Any% Sorceress Day 2
Continued running for the fastest D2 Speedrun category, the any% normal sorceress! Watch Live! Schedule: Ways to support...

The Record is Coming Soon - D2 World Record Week #2 Continued - Any% Sorceress Day 3
Watch Live! Schedule: Ways to support the channel! - Patreon: - Subscribe on Twitch: https://sec...

Week 2: Continued
Second week of exploration with the "larval"masks (designed by Kate Braidwood). Neighborhood kids stop by and throw rocks! Mask articulation work continues and it's never a bad idea to practice...

Oakland raiders week 2 (continued
Subscribe please kind people 苏办事处日本俄 胖了啊色 看你的 普洱藕片了.

Alpha Games Week 2 continued
Alpha Games Week 2 continued.

D2 World Record Week #2 Continued - Any% Sorceress Day 6
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

D2 World Record Week #2 Continued - Any% Sorceress Day 4
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Week 2: Continued
Wow, so week 2 had some hick ups. After running out of gas in my grill, my battery died in the middle of filming. Fortunately I was very close to finishing up. So you should get the most out...

D2 World Record Week #2 Continued - Any% Sorceress Day 7
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

HoI IV - Death or Dishonor - Week #2 - Romania Continued
We continue our firsthand look at the upcoming Country Pack for HoI4 - Death or Dishonor! More info about Death or Dishonor : Buy Hearts of Iron IV:

Through out the week... (Week 2 continued)
Mike Haley captures a little bit of the dedication on film and documents the early rises to show his commitment.

Bootcamp Week 2 Continued
Another awesome bootcamp style workout. Used an MMA style of training for this one.

AVPL Barcelona WEEK 2 Continued
Goals, saves and one quality goal line clearance SHAREfactory™!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00572_00.

Top 10 Plays | AUDL Week 2
The best Ultimate Frisbee plays from week 2! --------------------------------------- ▻ WATCH last weeks Top 10 - ▻ SUBSCRIBE to the AUDL -

Libertarian Legal Theory: LIBERTARIAN BASICS: RIGHTS AND LAW (continued) WEEK 2
This course is taught by Stephan Kinsella, a leading libertarian theorist. The class will run for six weeks, from January 31, 2011 until March 11, 2011, and will provide detailed discussions...

PTO Top Ten Video Countdown~ Week 2 Continued
If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Me Top Ten Video Countdown Week 2.

YMCA Camp Collins 2012 - Around Camp - Week 2 Continued
2012 Colors Week. Video from around camp from Wednesday through Friday. Music by Jason Shaw.

7 days to die primitive only survival Week 2 Continued
Week 2 survival using primitive items only.

The Lazy Boy Sports Show - Week 2 Continued
Week 2 - Part 2 of the new show for the average joe...

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